The importance of winter wiper.

In winter the days are much shorter, so we often have to go into a dark time, and see something in this case is quite difficult. If you are trying to see something through streaks, spots and chattering of the wiper blade wear, then see the road becomes almost impossible. Make sure that the inspection of the wiper blades is one of the points of your car preparation for the winter period.

 winter wiper.

Check your car’s wiper brushes regularly and replace them in the event of damage or after 6 months – whichever comes first. Clean the windshield every time you refuel, and gently wipe the scraper by a damp paper towel to remove dirt. If the windshield is covered with snow or ice, use a de-icing and / or scraper to clean the windshield, but in any case not the janitors. Proper handling with wipers provide you the maximum level of performance.