SPEKTRUM WeissLicht LED Fog Light Bulbs

Spectrum fog light bulbs from facially adopt a revolutionary design that makes them more powerful than competitors LED fog light bulbs. Although not designed to illuminate the way conventional bombs to. Our LED chips match xenon HID headlights better than anything else on the market. Spectrum fog light bulbs are decorative solution for those who want to match their fog lights to their scene on headlights.
SPEKTRUM Light Bulbs
Our polyps are very bright at thesaurus and project a few feet in front of the vehicle. We do not recommend using them to illuminate the road in fog. Spectrum bulbs are a new addition to a growing lineup top quality LED lighting solutions from facially. Visit site: http://greattripprices.com for change led light bulbs Spectrum Bob speech of the smallest LED source point for the best possible concealment while delivering superior illumination due to its unique design properties.

They operate at cooler temperatures than other high wattage bulbs therefore not compromising the lifespan of the LED chip which can be significantly reduced by over heating. Complete with a lifetime exchange warranty spectrum Bob’s are the last box you will need to buy. Spectrum bulbs are designed from the ground up we’ve thrown away all of the ineffective designs of the past. It started from scratch. Spectrum bulbs are made from a billet aluminum body. A corporation that total of 6 tiny high powered Cree LEDs.

To maximize the brightness of our LED sources we’ve surrounded each LED chip with a large reflective dish. This allows the LED to reach its full illumination spread before hitting the vehicle lands. The result is a brighter Paulton many higher wattage bulbs with more LEDs found on the market. This less is more approach LED sources has allowed spectrum balls to run cooler than the cop. There are many mimicking ball designs on the market already that use 50 and even 80 watts of combined LED point sources per bald housing. Our testing showed that this will increase the heat stored by the ball potentially melting the ball.

It’s coloring it or warping your lens over time. We found that for this type of ball designed power 30 watts minimal point source size and highly effective reflector approach will give the ball the longest life without compromising on brightness. On the front of the ball you will find a curved lines designed to significantly magnifies the 2 high powered LEDs found under the lands. We compared spectrum 30 watt LED bulbs against the most powerful 80 watt LED bulbs available. We use them he 46 M. 3 fog lens. Rejected the light onto a wall. The difference was virtually indistinguishable. Even when using a light meter at the same distance from the lands spectrum bulbs were justice brightest this.

I mean how 8081 competition. While using only 6 LEDs totaling 30 watts. Our bulbs are hand built to the highest manufacturing standards. Can be seen in our final product. These bulbs are error free in most early model vehicles including the 46 without the use of additional. Opponents. For newer vehicles we supply simple to use plug and play era cancel. Spectrum bulbs are available in many of the most popular base types.