Failure of the oxygen sensor in the Honda cars.

oxygen sensor in the HondaThese tips apply to vehicles Honda 2005-2008, in particular to the models Accord, Civic, Civic Hybrid, CR-V, S2000 and Jazz. The problem is confirmed during triggered and MIL DTC available for programmable electronic fuel injection system – P1172 (first oxygen sensor values are located outside the range of degree) and / or P2A00 (problems in the first oxygen sensor).

The probable cause of the problem is that the lambda sensor (air sensor) is damaged by moisture in the exhaust system 2007 honda odyssey headlight assembly when the engine gets warm.

Update the E-system programmable fuel injection in the engine control unit, and then replace the sensor, the air / fuel ratio. On some models Jazz you do not need to update the software. There are model of 2007 year with automatic transmission except: Sport series with VIN codes on JHMGD3 … 7S017917 on JHMGD3 … 7S099999, Jazz Sport 2007 A / T JHMGD3 … 7S017694 – JHMGD3 … 7S099999, Jazz 2007 M / T JHMGD3 … 7S017564 – JHMGD3 … 7S099999, as well as all models of Jazz 2008.