Engine additives

They are called differently: “admixtures”, “additives”… The motorist invented a lot of names, but their essence remains unchanged – these are the “artisanal” engine additives that often lead to the problems. But this is an official position of the motor oil manufacturers. Many experienced motorists actively use engine additives for many years.

But remember that everything not recommended but the car manufacturer, you do at your own risk (including engine additives).

Engine additives

The opponents of additives make the following arguments:

    • They seriously harm the engine and, eventually, destroy it completely. At best, you’ll have to make major repair;
    • The effect of additives is short. So, if the engine required major repair, you can postpone it by using such additive, but it won’t make any difference;
    • The additives changes the chemical composition of oil, which can lead to unintended implications.

Therefore, you should use the engine additives carefully. Though, if you enter one of the numerous car forums, you’ll understand that there are many opponents of this position. It is up to you to decide, whether to use the additives, changing the composition of oil.