“AS” Starters and generators.

Polish producer of starters, generators and their parts, known under the brand name AS. It is considered a relatively young manufacturer.

Starters and generators.In 1998, in the Polish city of Gdansk a group of friends opened a workshop for the repair and restoration of starters and generators, called Avto Starter. In just a few years it has accumulated enough experience and thoughts for a more serious purpose. Having written a business plan, and received credit for development, they have started negotiations with global manufacturers of starters, alternators and their components such as: Bosch, Valeo, Magneti Marelli, Denso, Mitsubishi, Hitathi etc. The aim of the negotiations was to obtain a license, and technical drawings for the production of 100% analogues.

As a manufacturer, AS became known in 2002. At that time, only in Poland. But high-quality products and attractive price, did the trick. Now starters, generators and their parts under the brand name the AS, are known not only in Europe, but also exported to several other countries, such as Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, Ukraine, Turkey and others.