2004 Hyundai Santa Fe – Car Review

The Hyundai Santa Fe as been on the market now for several years, it has proven to be a very popular sport utility vehicle but knew for for this issue V gets a shot of something most Korean vehicles could use more of and that’s horsepower and you also have more choices. A 4 cylinder is still an option as is the old 2.7 liter, A6 But now you can offer the same engine Hyundai uses X teeth 350 sedan which is a dual overhead cam 3.5 liter V6 rated at 1. 5 horsepower better yet 219 pound feet of torque those numbers will knock you out but any power increase the Santa Fe is welcome and considering the price of an au for model with the new motor and 4 wheel drive is 25 0 499 you could see Hyundai’s giving you a fair deal speaking a 4 wheel drive the new engine gets mated with the new electronic 4 wheel drive system, that when it senses the need will send more power to the rear axles.

2004 Hyundai Santa FeAt worst I was driving a loose gravel surface and never felt the intervention of the new set up but it should be quicker in its responses to wheel spin the new power plant is noticeable while the engine still sounds a bit thrash II responses to throttle movement are gladly more urgent than before and because the Santa Fe rides in a modified Sonata platform, the drive his car like with the aid of a rear independent suspension overall the driving experience still isn’t as refined as some of its competitors. Continues to get better with the changes Hyundai is made. We’ve come to expect a long list of standard features from Hyundai and again they deliver with this. Nice light and led 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe headlights. If a a 5 speed auto AVS leather heated seats a monsoon stereo side airbags and a cargo cover are all included in the deal the quality of construction seems commendable to even if the choice of materials still seems a little low rent. Perspective buyers though will no doubt like the luxury goodies Hyundai puts inside.

Styling which once look fresh now looks tired and ready for more sophistication although many people I spoke with this week argued otherwise. As far as utility goes the Santa Fe is bigger than you think so carries a better low than a lot of its competitors. Even though folding down the rear seats required the annoying need to remove the head rest first. But people and cargo space all round is accommodating with gas mileage of 17 city and 21 highway the Santa Fe should continue to attract customers looking for value first. And lucky for them will also get an upscale aspiring SUV with plenty of positive to offer for drive time on auto.